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  September 2021

  Carla Weaver, Parksville - September 23, 2021  
 All is in Divine Order Just start to write and the words will come. That’s the hunch that I have this morning as I... 
  Sonia Mocnik, Vancouver - September 15, 2021  
 Ready to do some painting and sketching? September just snuck up on me.  Today is already the 15th!  Next week... 
  Debbra (Debbie) L. Halyk, Coquitlam - September 11, 2021  
 It’s September Already!/New Painting It’s September already!  When last I wrote in August, our hot spell of... 

  July 2021

  Eileen Harder, Coquitlam - July 31, 2021  
 Zoom art classes Please contact me if you interested in future Zoom classes in painting... 
  Denise Dupre, Coquitlam - July 30, 2021  
 Compositionally speaking… What drives a painting to completion? Much I'd say is the composition, particularly with... 

  May 2021

  Ian Semple, Vancouver - May 19, 2021  
 A SECOND COAT In the creation of a painting, intent, based on a planned idea is normally the overt intention of the... 
  Art Marketer, Coquitlam - May 15, 2021  
 Activate Link to your Mobile Site For a number of years MyArtClub.Com sites have had a mobile component (custom sites... 
  Brian Csati, Princeton - May 11, 2021  
 “Shipwreck’d” Novel Make sure to get your copy of "Shipwreck'd"... 

  March 2021

  Jo-Anne Revell, NANAIMO - March 12, 2021  
 Zoom Room Zoom Room Pretty much everyone I know has Zoomed.  Have you Googled for Zoom suggestions - height your... 

  February 2021

  Ken Manninen, Gabriola - February 3, 2021  
 Hawthorne on Painting I just finished reading this short book (91 pages) about the teachings of Charles W. Hawthorne,... 

  November 2020

  Joan Zimmer, Tumbler Ridge - November 16, 2020  
 I'm Back Hi, I am back from exploring the world of careers and finally settled to the one I'm most passionate... 
  GROUP OF SEVERAL, Gabriola Island - November 1, 2020  
 Gustav Klimt "The Woman in Red" - "Medicine" Gustav Klimt The Group of is a collective of more than two... 

  October 2020

  Anh Thuy, Burnaby - October 19, 2020  
 Coping with stress Stress can affect people lives at any moment. Some say that a certain measure of stress can be a good... 
  MyArtClub.Com, Coquitlam - October 4, 2020  
 Setting up Google Analytics for your site. As discussed in our blog Why am I getting less traffic? you can use the... 
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